Informing Electric
Customers of
Available Broadband

The following procedure has been approved by GreyStone Power Corporation (the Cooperative).

I. Categories of Workers to Whom this Procedure Applies. This Procedure shall apply only to the Cooperative’s customer service representatives and all other Cooperative employees and contractors who are customary points of contact for customers seeking to initiate electric service.  All such employees and contractors shall be referred to herein as “CSRs.” 

II. Circumstances When this Procedure Applies. This Procedure shall apply only when a CSR:

1. Is assisting a customer or potential customer (“Customer”) seeking to initiate electric service, and

2. During the course of providing such assistance, there is any inquiry about, or discussion of, the availability of retail broadband services to the premises where the Customer will receive electric service from the Cooperative.

III. Obligation to Notify Customers of Broadband Providers.  Whenever the circumstances specified in Section II, above, occurs, the CSR shall, in the course of the same discussion or transaction with the Customer, check the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC”) National Broadband Map ( for a list of broadband providers and proceed as follows:

1. If the FCC National Broadband Map indicates that one or more broadband providers offers retail broadband service to the area where the premises is located AND such provider or providers have notified GreyStone (as specified in Section IV below) it is willing to serve additional customers: 

*Notify the Customer that: “We have been informed that the following broadband providers are willing to serve your neighborhood: repeat verbatim the list of all providers indicated.”   You may provide any additional information requested by the Customer that you have available, including telephone numbers, web addresses, etc., but you should not recommend one provider over another. You may inform the Customer that GreyStone Connect is an affiliate of the Cooperative.

2. If the FCC National Broadband Map indicates that no broadband provider serves the area: 

*Notify the Customer that: “Our information indicates that there are no broadband providers who currently serve this area.” Make a note in the Customer’s file that he or she requested broadband but that it was unavailable. 


IV. Method for Broadband Providers to Notify the Cooperative. A broadband provider who wants Customers to be informed that the provider is willing to provide service to Customers within the Cooperative’s service territory must provide written notice to P.O. Box 897, Douglasville, Georgia 30133, of the following:

1. How the provider wishes to be referred to (i.e., name);

2. What contact information should be provided to the Customer (i.e., email address & phone number);

3. A specific description of the territory or territories within which the provider is willing to provide service (zip codes are acceptable, but more granular descriptions may be helpful).


V. Responsibility. It shall be the responsibility of the Vice President of Broadband Services to administer this policy. 


STATUTES:   O.C.G.A 46-3-200.2(b)(4).


Date Adopted/Revised: February 2024